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General Engineering
About the Department

With the concept of Global Village after liberalization and globalization, our country India has become one of the most sought after destinations by many Multi National Companies for investment. The rapid growth in various fields of Engineering and Technology like Information technology, Automobile engineering, Infrastructure development, etc., demands much needed Human Resources. The growth of various Industries demand qualified Technicians at different categories. The Diploma level education of Engineering and Technology offered by the various Polytechnic Colleges cater these Technician needs of the Industries. Every Polytechnic college is offering diploma programmes in many fields of Engineering like Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Electronics, Information Technology, etc., For all branches of study, the first year curriculum is common. The syllabus provides the necessary bridge between the school education and engineering education which the students pursue from their second year of study. For s uccessful completion of engineering diploma with flying colours, a thorough knowledge of basics is very much essential. The Engineering physics I and II provides necessary basic ideas and concepts in a lucid manner. Real life applications and practical examples are included, wherever required. The students should give due importance in understanding the Various basic concepts with which only they can shine in their career,rather than reading them by heart.


To equip students with excellent learning skills in Basic science and Engineering which will enable them to implement and apply the technologies in the competitive world in a professional and ethical manner.


  • To provide a quality learning environment to enhance the Basic Science and Engineering skills of the students.
  • To update the knowledge and skills of the teaching and non-teaching staff through various Training and Quality improvement program.
  • To adopt latest teaching-learning techniques to cater all levels of learners.
  • To provide sound knowledge in Basic science and Engineering through adequate and updated facilities.


Laboratory Facilities

  • In order to develop best skills in handling Instruments/Equipment and taking readings in the practical classes, every two students should be provided with a separate experimental setup for doing experiments in the laboratory.
  • Engineering physics practical classes provides the students who have completed their 10th standard education, the fundamental concepts about engineering oriented physics related topics.
Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab
  • The knowledge of Engineering chemistry is quite essential in the development of the industry. Modern development of industries require more understanding of materials. Engineering chemistry explains various aspects with regard to environment, fuels, metals, alloys and polymers.
  • Our chemistry lab is well equipped with good lighting, ventilation, water facility and heating facility. In case of emergency we have first aid kit and also fire extinguisher. We impart both intellectual skills and motor skills to our student which is very essential to work in the industry. In our chemistry laboratory the student are taught both quantitative (Volumetric) and qualitative (Salt) analysis.
  • Academics has always been seen as the gateway to good career opportunities and professional growth.
  • English as a skill has been identified as the hallmark of personal and professional success and this realization has brought its teaching through our Communication Skills in English Laboratory.
  • A Curriculum catering to all the language skills, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. English Language Laboratory facilitates to meet the necessary parameters with 60 systems and software installed.
Chemistry Lab

Curriculum & Syllabus

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Board of Studies

Board of Studies Meeting through Google Meet on 19/04/2021.

Board of Studies Committee for the implementation of 'N' Scheme syllabus for First Year Subjects.

Chairperson: S.Rajalakshmi, DIC of General Engg. Dept.

Board of Studies Meeting for framing 'N' Scheme

'N' Scheme Syllabus Review Meeting Board of Studies

SL.No Name and Designation Name of the committee members Internal Name of the committee members External Industrial Experts
1. Communicative English I & II(Theory) Ms. S. Anandhi
Lecturer, English
Ms. M.Alagumalar
Lecturer, (SG)/English
TPEVR Govt. Polytechnic College,
Mr.Venkatasubramaniam. R
General Manager,
Learning & Development TPI,
Communication skill Practical
2. Engg. Mathematics I (Theory) Ms.M.Narayanavadivoo
Ms. Devipriya.D
Lecturer, (SG)
Govt. Polytechnic. College,
Engg. Mathematics II (Theory)
3. Engg. Physics I (Theory + Practical) Ms. P.Indira
Mrs. K.Jayalakshmi
A.M.K Technological Polytechnic College,
Sembarambakkam, Chennai.
Engg. Physics II (Theory + Practical)
4. Engg. Chemistry I
(Theory + Practical)
Ms. K.Rajalakshmi
Lecturer, chemistry
Mr. R.Sundaram
Lecturer (SG)
P.T. Lee Chengalvarayanaicker Polytechnic. College, Chennai.
Engg. Chemistry II
(Theory + Practical)
5. Engg. Graphics Practical Mr. D. Pradeep Kumar
Lecturer, Mechanical
H.O.D/IC/ Mechanical Dept.
CPT ,Tharamani.
Mr..Arunachalam. R
Head, HR, TPI,
6. Basics of Industries & Workshop Practical Mr. M. Kumar
Work Shop Supt.
7. Computer Application Practical Ms. S.Supriya
Dr.P. Kurinchi,
Lecturer, HOD/IC,
Dr. Dharmambal Polytechnic College for Women,
Tharamani, Chennai.
Mr. Thomas Babu
Managing Director
CLIPTOS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Adambakkam,

Project Competition

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