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Report On Welding Seminar
Report on Two Days Workshop on “Advance Trends in Metal Joining Processes in view of Latest Welding Processes”

A Two Days workshop on "Advance Trends in Metal Joining Processes in view of Latest Welding Processes" was conducted during 23rd & 24th March, 2016 at our institution for the skilled workers, Supervisors working in related industries and Educational Institutions, and Students undergoing study in “Welding” equivalent to NSQF Level 3 or above. The programme is conducted by the Community College, Murugappa Polytechnic College sponsored by the AICTE-UKIERI.

Mr. M.Suresh, Co-ordinator, Community College welcomed the Guests and Participants for the programme. Mr. V.Senthilvel, General Manager-Human Resources, Tube Products of India Ltd., was the Chief-Guest to inaugurate the seminar and delivered the keynote address. In his address Mr. V.Senthilvel emphasized the current industrial scenario and the developments and scope for the Welding sector. He also explained the need for developing skilled manpower in the welding sector and how the industry struggling to meet the demand for trained manpower in welding sector. Dr. K.Sudhagar, Principal, Murugappa Polytechnic College presided over the inaugural function. In his presidential address Dr.K.Sudhagar briefed the Government of India’s initiatives to meet the Skilled Manpower demand and acute shortage of the skilled manpower in welding sector. He also lauded the Prime minister’s mission on Skilling India and Make in India Programmes.

On 23rd March, in the first session Mr. T.V.Prabhu, Vice Chairman, Indian Institute of Welding (IIW) - Chennai Branch and Scientific Officer – F, IGCAR, Kalpakkam delivered a lecture on “Weld Joint Design and applications”. Mr. T.V.Prabhu explained the need for the proper weldment design and the procedure for weld design. He also explained various software tools used for welding analysis and explained the weld design for various applications. The Second Session was delivered by Mr. S.Perichiyappan, Faculty Member/Technical Training Centre, Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Chennai on “Emerging trends in Rail coach manufacturing”. Mr. Perichiyappan explained the practical usage of various latest welding techniques used in Rail Coach manufacturing and the importance of Standards in welding. The Third session was handled by Mr. D.Sathish Kumar, Assistant Works Manager, Heavy Vehicles Factory (HVF), Avadi, Chennai-54 on “Welding, an Industrial Approach”. Mr. Sathish Kumar, explained various welding techniques predominantly used in industries and the selection of welding techniques based on the applications.

On 24th March, in the first session Mr. Sabarinath C Nair, Founder, Skillveri Training Solutions Pvt Limited, Chennai delivered a lecture on “Demystifying simulator technologies for welding training”. In his lecture Mr. Sabarinath explained the need for virtual welder machine. He also explained the skills to be acquired while learning welding and how the simulator helps to acquire those skills. Mr. Sabarinath also demonstrated the working of the simulator followed by the participants had hand on training in the "AURA MIG Welding Simulator". The Second Session was delivered by Dr.M.V.Venkatesan, Vice Chairman, Indian Institute of Welding (IIW) - Chennai Branch and Principal, L&T Construction Skills Training Institute, Kanchipuram on "Conventional and Advanced Welding Processes". In his lecture Dr. Venkatesan reviewed the conventional welding processes and explained the latest developments to overcome the difficulties faced in the conventional welding processes. He also explained the working principles of the latest welding techniques. In the last session Dr.P.Periyasamy, Professor, St. Peters University, Chennai-54 delivered a lecture on "Advanced solid state joining process". In his lecture Dr. Periyasamy explained the basic principles of solid state welding, their applications, etc., and also elaborated the advances happening in the solid state welding processes.

In the valedictory function held on 24th March Dr. K.Sudhagar, Principal delivered the valedictory address and distributed the certificates to the participants. Mr. K.S.Sekar, Co-Coordinator, Community College delivered the Vote of thanks. 43 participants from Industry, Educational Institutions and Community College participated in the workshop.

Mr. V.Senthilvel, General Manager-Human Resources delivering the Key-note address.
Mr. T.V.Prabhu, Vice-Chairman, IIW-Chennai Branch delivering the Lecture.
Mr. S.Perichiyappan, Faculty, Technical Training Centre, ICF delivering the Lecture.
Mr. Sabarinath C Nair, Founder, Skillveri Training Solutions Pvt Limited delivering the Lecture.
Participants having hands on training in the Welding simulator.
Dr. K.Sudhagar, Principal distributing the certificates to the participants.