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Agni Robotics Championship

On behalf of Robotics club,28 students participated in “AGNI ROBOTICS CHAMPIONSHIP”(ARC’15) COMPETITION held at AGNI COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, Chennai on 30th January 2015, .Various competitions like Robo Race, Robo Soccer, Robo Wresting and Line follower were conducted. Out of 28 students, 20 students received prizes in various competitions. Selvan.P.Karthik, Selvan.G.Madan kumar, Selvan.J.Manikandan, Selvan.S.Rathina ganapathy of VI sem E(R) won First Prize in ROBO WRESTLING competition. Selvan.R.V.Revanth Krishna, Selvan.G.Dhanigaivel, Selvan.K.Dhinesh kumar, Selvan.N.Muthuvairavan of VI sem E(R) won First prize in ROBO RACE competition. Selvan.R.V.Revanth Krishna, Selvan.K.Dhinesh kumar, of VI sem E(R) won First prize in ROBO SOCCER competition. Selvan. G.Dhanigaivel, Selvan.N.Muthuvairavan of VI sem E(R) won Second Prize in ROBO SOCCER competition. Selvan.K.Viji, Selvi.A.Pavithra, selvi.B.Yogalakshmi, Selvi.P.Swathi of VI sem E(R) won second prize in ROBO WRESTLING competition.

On behalf of Management, Principal ,Murugappa Polytechnic College, congratulations to all the winners and participants.

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